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Overtures - Joseph Martin Kraus

Theresia Orchestra
Claudio Astronio

‘Overtures’ is a compilation of the complete overtures by German composer Joseph Martin Kraus – also called “the Swedish Mozart” because of his move to Stockholm, where he spent most of his professional life working at the Court of King Gustav III. Born in the same year in 1756 as Mozart, Kraus had a similarly short life as he only turned 36.

The album includes the opening movements Kraus wrote to the various ballets, operas, theatre works and the cantatas he composed for his patron at the Swedish Royal Palace.

This recording was made in 2019 by 43 players of Theresia Orchestra under the direction of Claudio Astronio at the Sala Filarmonica in Rovereto, Italy.

“Prepare to have your attention seized from the very first bars of this amazing release! […] It is unbelievable to think that this outstanding recording on period instruments is the work of a youth orchestra.” – Early Music Review

“the Kraus renaissance moves up a gear. Performances are sprightly, intonationally precise and full of character.”  – Limelight Magazine

“Impressive […] if you haven’t heard Kraus’s music before, this would be a very good place to start, and for those with some experience of the composer, you will undoubtedly be impressed by these performances.” – Music Web International

“Music that’s more than worth the effort, excellently performed by Theresia, an international youth orchestra playing on period instruments.” – Classica

“”Everything in the highly refined interpretation conducted by Claudio Astronio is packed with carefully crafted and inventive intentions, magnificently realized by the orchestra’s instrumentalists. This is an opportunity not to be missed to rediscover a truly remarkable composer.” – Music Paper

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This release is the first album in a series of recording projects in collaboration with CPO, highlighting Theresia Orchestra’s commitment to rediscover overlooked classical repertoire.