Theresia Academy represents a wider and improved formative offer for musicians, aimed both at our grantees and at our external collaborators.
Our objective is to offer training, professionalization and an improved self-awareness in the business world to young high-potential artists.

The Seminars

Building on the experience of Theresia Orchestra, Theresia Academy strives to make musicians resilient and prepared to seize the opportunities offered by digital technologies for professional development and performances’ accessibility.

The growing set of training modules, chosen on the basis of a survey completed by Theresia musicians, addresses:

  1. excellence in artistic performance

  2. organisational, economic and managerial skills

  3. digital and technological skills

  4. personal development and well-being

  5. ecological transition.

Download the seminar’s catalogue

For more information or to enroll in the Academy, please contact the Training Programme Manager, Susanna Bucher