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Le astuzie femminili - Domenico Cimarosa

Theresia Orchestra
Alessandro De Marchi
Rocco Cavalluzzi (Don Giampaolo Lasagna), Eleonora Bellocci (Bellina), Matteo Loi (Don Romualdo), Velentino Buzza (Filandro), Martina Licari (Ersilia), Angela Schisano (Leonora)

Premiered 230 years ago in Naples, “Le astuzie femminili,” a two-act opera buffa by Domenico Cimarosa, has been revived in its original manuscript and instrumentation, showcasing the composer’s wit and musical brilliance. Led by conductor Alessandro De Marchi, Theresia Orchestra accompanies a talented ensemble of emerging singers, including Eleonora Bellocci, Martin Licari, Rocco Cavalluzzi, Matteo Loi, and Angela Schisano.

The plot centres around a Neapolitan nurse who embarks on a new career in Rome as a notary. She becomes entangled in the affairs of a young girl placed under her charge, who can only inherit her father’s fortune if she marries the Neapolitan Don Giampaolo, who is smitten with her. Adding to the chaos is a poor dolt hopelessly in love with the heiress, a housekeeper with the wrong lawyer, and a scheming girlfriend who cleverly orchestrates a happy ending.

“Le astuzie femminili,” translating to “Feminine Wiles,” may feature only six characters, but they create a frenzy that remains delightfully entertaining.

This album represents the first modern recording of this two-act opera buffa on period instruments and is the third album as part of our ongoing partnership with CPO.

The recording was made from the production for the 2022 Reate Festival in Rieti and Rome, in a direction by Cesare Scarton.

“This is a first-class reproduction, particularly in terms of the Theresia Ensemble musicians’ performance. Under Alessandro De Marchi’s dynamic and driving direction, they deliver brilliantly, occasionally even electrifyingly, without any hint of length or redundancy.” – Klassik Heute

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Soprano Eleonora Bellocci on the role of Bellina
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This release is the third album in a series of recording projects in collaboration with CPO, highlighting Theresia Orchestra’s commitment to rediscover overlooked classical repertoire.