Welcoming eight new string players

January 30, 2024
Following auditions that took place on 19 & 20 January at the Conservatory of Boulogne-Billancourt in Paris, we are very pleased to welcome eight new string players in our midst.

The talented string players that will be joining Theresia this year are: double bass player Ariel Walton (American), violist Clara de Benito Forriol (Spain), and violinists Maddalena Bortot (Italian), Anna Freer (Australian/Swiss), Lorenzo Molinetti (Italian), Anna Perl (German), Camille Poirier-Lachance (Canadian), Jenna Raggett (Irish).
Some of them will already participate in our first residency in March in Italy.

A special thanks to Giovanni Antonini and Gemma Longoni for joining the selection panel and guiding the jam session on Beethoven’s Fourth String Quartet in which all invited candidates participated.