image for Orchestra Residency 40 – Potsdam

Orchestra Residency 40 – Potsdam

- Jun 18, 2023
Potsdam, Germany
Alexis Kossenko

As part of the Musikfestspiele Postdam Sanssouci, Theresia Orchestra present a concert programme at the Rheinsberg Palace that invokes the international flair of the French capital. Mozart’s Paris Symphony will be paired music by forgotten French contemporaries Davaux, Cambini, Devienne, Rigel under the expert guidance of traverse flautist, conductor and Frenchman Alexis Kossenko. Rendezvous in Paris is a concert as Prince Henry of Prussia might have heard it at the Louvre in 1784.

Theresia’s wind quintet also appears in the bicycle concerts of the Musikfestspiele Potsdam with an outdoor performance in the garden of Jagdschloss Stern in the Dutch Quarter of Potsdam.


Othon Vandenbroek La prise de la Bastille Symphony in C Major

Giuseppe Maria Cambini Andromaque, scène lyrique for soprano and orchestra

Jean-Baptiste Davaux Symphonie concertante mêlée d’airs patriotiques

Henri-Joseph Rigel Overture La destruction de Jéricho

François Devienne Flute Concerto N. 7 in E minor

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Symphony N. 31 in D Major K. 297/300a, Paris