Once an Ambassador always an Ambassador

Theresia’s inaugural Ambassadors officially concluded their activities in March 2023 and passed the baton to their successors. During their ambassadorship, Anna Krzyżak, Léna Ruisz, and Irina Fârtat represented Poland, Hungary and Romania respectively where they carried out several activities aimed at introducing new audiences, especially young people, to the world of classical music and Historically Informed Performance (HIP) practice. These activities occurred online via social media and Theresia’s blog and offline during in-person encounters. The ambassadors approached diverse audiences based on their personal and professional interests.

Anna Krzyżak

Anna Krzyżak is a Polish violist. Her main musical interests are early and contemporary music as she finds these two styles connected. Anna knits in her free time and thanks to knitting her fingers are always ready to play.

Anna decided to work with young and socially disadvantaged children to show them that music is accessible to everyone and that we can make music with anything, including our bodies. In collaboration with the Julian Cochran Foundation, she has organised a workshop in Warsaw in which the young participants composed their own piece of music.

Follow her on:

Instagram: @violist.knits and @annakrzyzakviola


Irina Fârtat

Irina Fârtat is originally from Romania; she studied historical viola and violin at the Haute Ecole de Musique in Geneva, Switzerland. In her free time, she likes to learn new makeup techniques, enjoys reading, and her favourite workout is boxing.

Irina organised a series of workshops in a secondary school in Bucharest, Romania. The concept was to connect and bring to light the music, art and danceperformedin the 17th-18th centuries in Walachia, bringing a part of the Romanian music history less known to most to the attention of the children. Her aim was also to show the young pupils how music serves as a link between many aspects of our lives.

Follow her on:

Instagram: @firinatta and @neverlate4earlymusic


Léna Ruisz

Léna Ruisz is a Hungarian born violinist living and studying in Basel, Switzerland. When she is not busy playing, she can either be found in the mountains hiking with friends, or painting an enchanted scenery with tiny brushes.

Léna turned to a rather professional audience organising two lectures in a HIP masterclass at the Miszla Baroque Early Music Academy in Hungary. The lecture, entitled “An Early Musician’s Toolkit”, aimed to present the essential skills a period instrumentalist needs – and how to improve them.