Welcoming eight new string players

January 30, 2024
Following auditions that took place on 19 & 20 January at the Conservatory of Boulogne-Billancourt in Paris, we are very pleased to welcome eight new string players in our midst.

The talented string players that will be joining Theresia this year are: double bass player Ariel Walton (American), violist Clara de Benito Forriol (Spain), and violinists Maddalena Bortot (Italian), Anna Freer (Australian/Swiss), Lorenzo Molinetti (Italian), Anna Perl (German), Camille Poirier-Lachance (Canadian), Jenna Raggett (Irish).
Some of them will already participate in our first residency in March in Italy.

A special thanks to Giovanni Antonini and Gemma Longoni for joining the selection panel and guiding the jam session on Beethoven’s Fourth String Quartet in which all invited candidates participated.

Theresia joins Mozart Ways

January 23, 2024
All roads lead to Rome, they say. However, some lead to… Mozart.

Theresia Orchestra is now officially part of European Mozart Ways, a unique network connecting cities and cultural institutions linked to the timeless melodies of the great composer from Salzburg, known for his extensive travels across Europe. With this membership, Fondazione ICONS Innovation Strategies proudly positions Lodi on the Cultural Route certified by the Council of Europe.